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Tue, Dec. 21st, 2010, 01:02 pm
I have to stay busy.

It is my winter/xmas break from GVSU.
I have been keeping busy doing crafts, reading Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson, writing, drawing, cooking, cleaning and re-arranging my room.

I have also been getting rid of things I don't need. I sold some stuff to one girl's treasure. I also am selling stuff on ebay.

Everyday has been non-stop for me since I started break.

Sat, Dec. 18th, 2010, 01:24 am

I'm going to start using this agin like it's cool.
I wish I could tell my past self to cheer up.
I mean I bitched way too much about getting fat, guess what ass hole, you really are fat now!
Stupid idiot.
Also you still like wu-tang.
You're boobs are bigger.
Your brain might be too.
You continue to date idiots until you're 26.
One of them even gets borderline abusive and punches holes in your bedroom wall. yep. you lived with that idiot.
You go back to school, but you change your major like 25 times.
You break your tooth when your 26.
You move a lot.
You make new friends.
You become a hermit.
You become an actual alcoholic, not just a collage student.
You get better though by not drinking for an entire month.
You shave your head when you're bored.
You are weirder than ever, maybe not in the endearing way anymore.
You don't date much because you're terrified of relationships after the holes in the wall.
You decide to move back home for a summer, then you're going to move to Ann Arbor.
It will be fun, welp, thats what I'm hoping, it hasn't happened yet.
You get to take art classes soon!
You even made a lil graphic memoir!
You are a lot more comfortable about who you are.
You never try to impress people anymore, and you really don't impress anyone lol.
You wear lipstick.
You're still funny.
You read more.
You may or may not send nudes to 21 yr olds. They may or not be nudes?

Mon, Jul. 30th, 2007, 11:05 pm

So I pretty much have been wanting to read latley but cant afford the new harry potter book so what do i do. I read this entire LJ. I am not saying I am awesome or any thing. but i really miss the good old days. Lindsay Wallin. Bowling. thrifting. wrestling. strawberry malts. So I am going to do my best to get this current melissa to do old things, but that might just make me super depressed because ill realize I am old.

My bday is 9/9 and i want to have a sweet party. but i think I might go to my home town instead.
I have been seeing a boy and I am not too sure how I feel about it.
For one I just dont know if I am ready to be serious, but i love his company and he makes me laugh. but who doesnt? I just dont know what to think about it all. I have an idea of some things i want out of a relationship and they are all compleatley pointless things. Its not even reasonable or responsible or serious things. Like most girls my age want a guy with money or a job and a nice car and what not. And maybe i should be looing for something that will be like that but lets face it thats just not my style.
I mean the people who i cared about the most were unemployed, had no car, no money, smoked pot, bla bla, but they didnt bore me. I need people in my life who will drag me out of my house and make me have good time. I mean im not all about being home i just never know what to do.

Im pretty sure this is my midlife crisis and im loving it.

Seriously I know what I want because i have had a mix of it before, but im not sure what i want is even a realistic option.
i might get some tats soon, because what better than getting something permanate when your mind is racing and you cant make up your mind and dont know what you want from life

Thu, Jul. 26th, 2007, 08:12 pm
running away

when i grow up and have a family of my own....IM LIVIN ALONE IM LIVIN ALONE

thinking about running away... whos in?
ps. starting a fund for the trip any and all donations can be left at my door step, or in my mail box.

see you in december

Tue, Dec. 5th, 2006, 04:16 pm

time is going to fast, but nothing is happening.

Sun, Oct. 22nd, 2006, 08:02 pm

today I am sleepy
i dont feel good at all
i want to cuddle

Thu, Oct. 19th, 2006, 03:46 pm

I passed my 1st part of boards.
I take the 2nd part next friday.
Everything is going good.
I'm freezing.

Fri, Aug. 4th, 2006, 12:22 pm
Last Day

Yesterday was my last day.
Today I dont have to do anything if i dont want to and thats good because i have diareahhhh...how the fuck do you spell that.

Thu, Jul. 20th, 2006, 11:23 pm
i guess its about time

I havn't posted any real info or stories on here in a long time and right now I have the time so here I go.

I had graduation last night. Im not actually done with school until aug 3rd I think. I won an award for make up, so pretty much im awesome. I can't beleive this year is over I can honestly say this was the worst year for stress because if I weren't in the business of hair I probabley would have pulled all mine out. But thats almost over. I made my parents proud and that likea 1st or 2nd time in my life.

This year was a weird year for realtionships. I kinda had the same-ol routine thing goingon for 6 months and I knew it wasn'tgoing anywhere after 3 months but I was stupid and tried to work something out that just didnt feel right. I had some people from the past tell me they loveme then i punched them. I meet a boy named Bikinni and we were going to get married but he was a little too "me"for me as in fucking insane.
Im moving out of east town and in with joel in Aug. Yeah. big step. it will be ok.

I miss having the summer "off" because this year it doesnt even sem like summer. i guess summer dissapears as you get older and have more responsibility .

I really miss all my friends who left for the summer,or just the ones i havn't seen.

H-bomb hurry up and get you ass in GR so we can drink beers on the porch and talk real loud and be obnoxious.

Sun, Jun. 11th, 2006, 05:25 pm

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