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Thu, Jul. 20th, 2006, 11:23 pm
i guess its about time

I havn't posted any real info or stories on here in a long time and right now I have the time so here I go.

I had graduation last night. Im not actually done with school until aug 3rd I think. I won an award for make up, so pretty much im awesome. I can't beleive this year is over I can honestly say this was the worst year for stress because if I weren't in the business of hair I probabley would have pulled all mine out. But thats almost over. I made my parents proud and that likea 1st or 2nd time in my life.

This year was a weird year for realtionships. I kinda had the same-ol routine thing goingon for 6 months and I knew it wasn'tgoing anywhere after 3 months but I was stupid and tried to work something out that just didnt feel right. I had some people from the past tell me they loveme then i punched them. I meet a boy named Bikinni and we were going to get married but he was a little too "me"for me as in fucking insane.
Im moving out of east town and in with joel in Aug. Yeah. big step. it will be ok.

I miss having the summer "off" because this year it doesnt even sem like summer. i guess summer dissapears as you get older and have more responsibility .

I really miss all my friends who left for the summer,or just the ones i havn't seen.

H-bomb hurry up and get you ass in GR so we can drink beers on the porch and talk real loud and be obnoxious.