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Sat, Dec. 18th, 2010, 01:24 am

I'm going to start using this agin like it's cool.
I wish I could tell my past self to cheer up.
I mean I bitched way too much about getting fat, guess what ass hole, you really are fat now!
Stupid idiot.
Also you still like wu-tang.
You're boobs are bigger.
Your brain might be too.
You continue to date idiots until you're 26.
One of them even gets borderline abusive and punches holes in your bedroom wall. yep. you lived with that idiot.
You go back to school, but you change your major like 25 times.
You break your tooth when your 26.
You move a lot.
You make new friends.
You become a hermit.
You become an actual alcoholic, not just a collage student.
You get better though by not drinking for an entire month.
You shave your head when you're bored.
You are weirder than ever, maybe not in the endearing way anymore.
You don't date much because you're terrified of relationships after the holes in the wall.
You decide to move back home for a summer, then you're going to move to Ann Arbor.
It will be fun, welp, thats what I'm hoping, it hasn't happened yet.
You get to take art classes soon!
You even made a lil graphic memoir!
You are a lot more comfortable about who you are.
You never try to impress people anymore, and you really don't impress anyone lol.
You wear lipstick.
You're still funny.
You read more.
You may or may not send nudes to 21 yr olds. They may or not be nudes?

Sat, Dec. 18th, 2010 06:26 am (UTC)

You're boobs are bigger.
Your brain might be too.

nope you're still an idiot!